mujimakjihan said: 5100-4616-9078, Janjira. Based on the fictional quarantined city of Japan in Godzilla (2014)

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Anonymous said: Solaceon 6600-3389-9234!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spoopy town check it out or not.

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Hi, been following your neato blog for some time now. I’d like to submit my own town. While it is thened more after Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, theres quite a few hair raising moments to be had. (And possibly a spoiler or two! You’ve been warned!)
Westeros wants terrified visitors:

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Anonymous said: I'd like to submit meadow because I visit it regularly and it's horror again!!! I believe the code is still the same as before:~ 6200-2397-3562.

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Anonymous said: I'd like to submit 5100-2232-3294. It's kind of a nice town outside the houses but some rooms are heavily unnerving

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Anonymous said: There are many horror towns in Japanese but i don't know how to read them and i think its the same for some others so dose anyone know japanese and re-post the town or are there any websites that can tell you certain letters and or numbers because I would like to know what some towns villagers (human) say Sorry if i am being picky or something I would just like to know what they say to make the experience creeper for me and anyone else who cant read any of the other languages Thank You!

i agree, translations would be super helpful! if anyone knows a website or something with translations, the submit box is open!

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Anonymous said: This town is really messed up Its korean but I dont know what it says (Sorry about that!) be sure to check all the angles in most of the rooms in the homes and check behind the tree as well if you want creepy factors to go up! Here's The code: 8900-1388-9382!

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Anonymous said: Here my friends town, I don't think it is finished but seems cool so far. Dream code is: 5900-2211-7393 Town name: Rose†rot

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Anonymous said: I found a house on streetpass. The house is pretty normal but one of the rooms is very, very creepy. It's called espresso, code is 4300-2336-1829. It's actually different now then when i streetpased it last week, but it's much creepier now i think.

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Anonymous said: 2600-0218-7298 it's a Japanese town and the four houses tell a story about a girl with a broken home it's scary but interesting af

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