Anonymous said: I found a house on streetpass. The house is pretty normal but one of the rooms is very, very creepy. It's called espresso, code is 4300-2336-1829. It's actually different now then when i streetpased it last week, but it's much creepier now i think.

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Anonymous said: 2600-0218-7298 it's a Japanese town and the four houses tell a story about a girl with a broken home it's scary but interesting af

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Anonymous said: There's something off about all four villagers in this town 7200-3506-4401

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Anonymous said: I don't know whats up with this it's kinda scary ... 7600-2259-6813 !

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Anonymous said: if I don't have a tumblr can i still submit to nightmare suite? If i can't then can I submit through asks? Thank you!!!!!!!!! i know a weird town that is kind of horror but sort of not so is that even nightmaresuite worthy? Again Thanks in advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes! i think you have to put in an email for submissions if you dont have a tumblr, but it doesnt have to be a real one :) and you can also submit through asks!

bogmires said: this is my horror themed town 4500-2292-1501 each house has a different theme

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leocupcake said: Soooo I made a creepy town. I know, "London" doesn't sound really special, but it has some secrets, I promise. :) Code is6800-4198-0539

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this place was freakin weird

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I Dream of Murasaka


Horror town by  (main). Their AC tumblr is murasakavillage.


The dream address is 5500-2839-9384.

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