bogmires said: this is my horror themed town 4500-2292-1501 each house has a different theme

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leocupcake said: Soooo I made a creepy town. I know, "London" doesn't sound really special, but it has some secrets, I promise. :) Code is6800-4198-0539

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this place was freakin weird

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I Dream of Murasaka


Horror town by  (main). Their AC tumblr is murasakavillage.


The dream address is 5500-2839-9384.

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Murasaka OOC:


Sigh last night while updating my dream Luna decided to unexpectedly give me a dream code - meaning that I’ve lost my visitor count and now have a new code. My other code is still up and working but it’ll no longer be updated and it’s certainly not in good conditions. 

My new dream code is this: 5500-4193-9082 

Everything will be updated on this from now on! Hopefully others will see this and not visit my old code. Thanks. 

On another note. It’s awkward, since I now have this new code I can visit my old dream address…it’s like Murasaka inception. 



I’d also like to thank everyone for the amount of visitors I had last I checked.

u n u I’m overly excited my dream was even this popular. 

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Raleigh village

This is the Owner of Raleigh village. I want to let you know I update every day.  So keep checking all the time. I made my village even more weird. the dream address is 5500-3482-2810

I also want to say thank you for visiting and please put some pictures if you want. 

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kanakirigoe said: Hey there Nightmare! It's been a while since I messaged you but this is the owner of Murasaka. I've updated it since last year and was wondering if you could post this as a shout out? ^^ Here's my dream code if you need it once more: 5500-2839-9384

thanks for updating! :)

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Anonymous said: Here's a rather unnerving one: 4000 3463 1524

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fuckyeahassortedstuff said: Hello, it's the owner of Onett here. Onett had a major update tonight that included a new room. The new room order for the house is front room, back room, upstairs, right hand room, downstairs, and left hand room. Thanks for all the visits. More updates to onett are on their way as well.

thank you for updating! :)

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