Anonymous said: Here's a rather unnerving one: 4000 3463 1524

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fuckyeahassortedstuff said: Hello, it's the owner of Onett here. Onett had a major update tonight that included a new room. The new room order for the house is front room, back room, upstairs, right hand room, downstairs, and left hand room. Thanks for all the visits. More updates to onett are on their way as well.

thank you for updating! :)

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Raleigh village

i made a bizarre town. i can’t describe it you have to see it. dream code. 5500-3482-2810 town name raleigh

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MOONVEIL- 4800-2133-1994

my first ACNL town and horror town moonveil is a gruesome tale of tragedies between a married couple! explore first hand before the code gets deleted since i restarted from this town a while back and let me know your thoughts~

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Anonymous said: i streetpassed a strange house the other day... not really sure if the town itself is meant to be horror-themed, but one house is a bit... questionable... seems like its still being worked on though. the dream address is 4900-2184-7555

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Anonymous said: i have found a dream town called "maebashi." it has a story behind the only character in the town. it seems that the person has created a pattern for their mii and the house/aspects around the town (mostly by the cafe and beach) are related to it. the dream code is 4900-4004-0990, it isn't "creepy" but it does make me uncomfortable.


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my town is advertising energy drinks. heavy metal artists.  its pretty bizarre if you want to see it use this address.

5500-3482-2810 it’s worth checking out

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Grief, The Town of Horrific Beginnings

Visit the disturbing dream of a town depicting the origins of terror in the world of Animal Crossing. The town’s name was originally titled, Fahville, but was renamed to Grief after the disappearance of one Miloo, the town’s original mayor. Learn of Miloo’s experiences under study of a scientist’s disturbing descent into darkness. You will be tasked with going through the notes of this scientist as he progresses with his research into one of the things that have always existed in the Animal Crossing world. You may stumble upon an Easter Egg from another game that may shed some light on the symbolic perspective on the events that transpire and the change in the town’s name(may involve research). The town’s dream address is 5400-3968-6360. Come prepared with a shovel, no hole is unimportant to the story. Keep your wits about you and happy hunting.

If you haven’t visited my first town, Fahville, feel free to visit that one if you want to see the “sequel” to this town at 4900-2785-4830. Some of you may wonder why the name of the town is changed back to Fahville, but I assure you that all will be clear after the visit to the town of Grief.

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Visit the delightful dreamy town of Derse. (4000-3423-3210)

Try to solve the mystery that surrounds the night shrouded village, thedisappearances, and the strange candies that have begun to appear. A school with no students. A wonderland for playing, a child’s delight. The inn, whose patrons keep disappearing under mysterious circumstances. Last but not least, the cafe of dreams, appealing to your every desire.

Keep your wits about you, and whatever you do.

Don’t eat the candy.

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Here’s a link to a silly little play through of Hitokui Village I did! Just thought you might be interested in posting it maybe? :3